Gs Pharma Srl

We are an international distributor of innovative ozone-based products.

Our commitment is to guarantee the values of transparency, ethicality and professionalism towards all qualified operators in the dietary supplement sector.

The unique formulations created since 2018 have enabled Gs Pharma to demonstrate through observational studies and scientific publications the real efficacy of ozonated oil-based products.

What Do We Do?

Through constant study and research and collaborations established over the years with top Italian universities, we create original and innovative formulations with certified quality standards that offer efficacy and safety.

The production of all our active ingredients meticulously follows the same procedures that apply to the manufacture of pharmaceutical products, designed and dispensed according to Ministry of Health regulations.
Gs Pharma’s products are formulated by applying a new scientific approach to supplements based on the rigorous study of the biochemical and physiological mechanisms by which its ingredients act.

Qualitative Standards

Our quality standards and strict adherence to the guidelines imposed by the Ministry of Health have enabled us to manufacture customised products from the active ingredient to the finished ingredient, also from a certified supply chain.

Our Consumer Division develops and markets wellness products, food supplements and over-the-counter medicines in three main areas: pain relief, prevention and oral health, and body and skin wellness. Through the official channels of pharmacies located throughout Italy, we guarantee widespread distribution of our ozone-based products.